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What is An Electrical Safety Inspection?

An Electrical Safety Inspection is issued after an assessment of an electrical installation. It notes any electrical damage, deterioration, defects, or potentially dangerous conditions.

The frequency with which av Electrical Safety Inspection should be obtained varies depending on the kind of property. For rental properties, an Electrical Safety Inspection testing is typically done every five years or at the start of a new tenancy. An Electrical Safety Inspection should only be done by a qualified electrician.

Although it is not a legal requirement to get an Electrical Safety Inspection report, it is highly advisable to do so. If you are a landlord, an Electrical Safety Inspection will help protect you from prosecution in the event that a tenant is harmed by faulty electrics in your property. If you are a homeowner, an Electrical Safety Inspection will allow you to rest assured that your home’s electrical system meets current safety standards and that you are not putting yourself or your family in harm’s way.

What Does A Electrical Safety Inspection Involve?

When we conduct an assessment of an electrical system, we begin with a visual test. This involves looking for any visible signs of damage, deterioration, or unsafe use, such as worn out wiring insulation or overloaded plug sockets. We then conduct a series of tests to check, for instance, that all wires are connected properly, that wires are properly encased in electrical insulation material, that the arrangement of the earthing complies with regulations, and that the system is able to disconnect the power supply correctly if there is a fault.
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    How do you insure your electrical system is safe/

    Electrical systems in residential properties should be regularly inspected and maintained in order to ensure the safety of the occupants. A faulty electrical system can cause death or injury by electrocution, burns from contact with live parts, explosions, or fire outbreaks. Any domestic electrical system should be inspected and tested by a registered competent person in accordance with the procedures laid out in BS7671 in order to verify that the design and installation of the system is safe to use, maintain, and alter. As a result every property owner should have landlord electrical safety inspection certificate.

    The electricians at Inspecti have the necessary qualifications and equipment to inspect and test domestic electrical systems to identify any problems and issue electrical safety inspection certificate.

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    Call us on 0844 357 9211 between 9am and 6pm to discuss your landlords gas safety certificate requirements. We have a team of local accredited electricians ready to complete electrical safety inspections throughout  Liverpool and the North West.

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